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CBF wriiting much these days. But now im back (i hope :O)
Yesterday was Alexanders birthday party in the same place Ill do Isabellas. It was amazing! Alot of friends there, we had alot of fun, danced old brazilian songs, my gosh, was trully awesome!
Isabella tried Feijoada and loved it. Ate alot :p and everyone was talking about how cute she is and blablabla. :p needless to say i was soo proud of my baby :) plus everyone saying she looks less chinese now, therefore, more like me :D kekekeke :DDDD of course her eyes are still chinese-alike and they will always be, but even my mother said Isabella is getting less oriental o_O and my mother was always saying how Isabella looked exactly a female version of Van.
Im so excited, counting the days for my mother and uncle to come! Hoping for January to pass by faster than ever :P and of course, for Isabellas 1st kalas :P
Heres teh picture they took from Bella yesterday after eating feijoada :D
My nordic half brazilian half chinese princess :p <3

So tired.

I am so tired. So so so tired. Cant sleep good, been working like crazy in this house, Isabella isnt sleeping good, shes like, full awake until late, I have to go to bed with her and stay so she can sleep. Since my stuff in the apartment is like non-ending, sometimes she goes to bed at 3... and wakes at 10-11. Kills me, seriously. Van needs to start helping me more or I will collapse -_-
Just arrived from the BVC, Isabella took her BCG vaccination today. We also measured and etc, she has 10.460kgs and 74cm. Made lunch and now I have to go do the laundry... im so tired. So so so .

Baka baka!

Theres alot of people here today... my house looks like a kindergarten! LOL My sister in law, Sonja, Sofia, Fanny, Kevin, Kenny and Henry. Plus Me, Van and Isabella. Fyfan haha. Well, we will bake kärleksmum today, I went out with Sofia, Kevin and Henry to buy stuff in Hemköp and Lidl. I will post the result as soon as its done plus a picture :D hehe.
Now I will go put some more clothes on Isabella as she woke up and is bored and want to go on the floor and play :p waiting for the girls to come back so we can start baking. :)


My second cooking lesson that my mother in law is giving me happened today. Today we cooked a vietnamese food called Pho. Its basically beef soup :) but its more than perfect! Tastes like heaven! Took quite long to do it, but the result is fabulous, is more than godly. :)
I took a picture, but since the camera battery is almost 0, I hope we still can see the result :D
Here comes recipe according to my mother in law:o
You need:
  1. 1kg cow bone
  2. Chinese beef balls
  3. Saigon cinnamon, star anise, black cardamom, roasted ginger (for seasoning)
  4. Bean Sprout (Van's aunt gave us 500g of it for free)
  5. 1-2kgs of cow meat file eller stek (mjuk if possible).
  6. Coriander, 4 big onions, 2 medium pieces of yellow sugar.
  7. Rice Noodles
I will be explaining the rest later. :p
Now Vans mother went back home and took Isabella with her. Thats good because I can rest some and finish fixing the house. If the girls come tomorrow (My sister in law, Sonja and Sofia) the house wont look like a crazy place :P

sjuk som fan

Okay, I am definitely with a cold. Body aches, head aches, stuffed and drooling nose, breathing hard. I really need some rest asap. At least I dont have feber. Van is also sick, just Isabella is good and active (as usual).
Went out today with Van and Isabella to buy some chinese food on SKF (My Thanh). Fyfan how expensive they are :S... we went to Saluhallen in Kungsportsplatsen too, and couldnt find cow bones, gotta go there in the morning tomorrow and they maybe will have. -_- will see if i wake up better tomorrow. Also cant forget to buy nötkött. -_-
Today I didnt finish cleaning the house since my body is goddamn sore. Will finish tomorrow :)
Btw I love going out with Van and see him driving the barnvågn :p he looks such a proud father :3

Hello! (:

Good morning! I woke up sick today, coughing and with a stuffed nose... hate when this happens. Now my nose is drooling ): gotta go to Apoteket and buy something for this cold. :(
Today I have laundry and tomorrow its cleaning day! Fredag my sister in law, Sonja and Sofia will come here again and we will bake something :) and play ultrastar too! I still didnt download the new stuff from Gotta do it today :p
My sister in law just told me my mother and father in law can make the cake and one of the aunties can decorate pretty much good! Wow, so that means Isabella's birthday party cake can be the way my mother wants *.* will tell her that today. XD We have been wondering about cakes and such for her party, and we decided to get a style like these, still undecided. Care for some feedback? :)
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Note that the decorations wont be the same as those cakes... just the 'form' :) Decorations will be chosen AFTER the form is chosen and will be discussed prior. Since the theme is pink and hearts, gotta be of pink/white colors and of course with hearts. Will see if I can find some Hello Kitty toppers for decoration as well, or maybe not toppers but printed on rice paper :)

Isabella's 1st kallas. Planning this huge party! (III)

So, this is the next post. Lets talk some about food. I have been wondering here about what to serve in her birthday. Since her family is huge (The list goes far... will post it here later) we need to make ALOT of food. Was planning to ask my mother in law and my sister in law if they could help me baking/cooking some stuff.
Heres what I have been planning.
This is called Spring Rolls :) my mother in law can make really good ones.. gotta ask my sister in law if she can ask her to make some for me :p.
Sushi/Sashimi. I guess Van's aunt knows how to make it, but I believe Shyh or Shin can also make it. Anyhow, it would be for sure a great add to the party. It tastes damn good when its well done :)
Fried Shrimp... a passion ♥
Now, Brazilian party stuff.
Cheese balls! Yummy and fabs! My friend Suzana gave me the idea of adding Oregano to the cheese to taste even more better. She gave me the receipt, gotta test it tomorrow :)
Brazilian Chicken Drumsticks. With catupiry cheese inside too. Its like heaven *.*
These are rolled sausages. A good option since hot dogs are overrated :p Its the same thing but more luxurious and tasty. We roll the sausage on the bread dough. :d Then we put inside the oven to 'bake'. :3
Chicken mini pies. Can also be made of shrimp, dried and salted codfish, cow meat, etc. Quite common in parties in Brazil, but takes quite a long time and its a hard work for the dough :p maybe maybe...
Brigadeiro. <3 Needless to say how heavenly it tastes, eh?
Coconut Kiss. Old passion :)<3
More to come :p will afk a few minutes. Gotta clean the dishes :p

Isabella's 1st kallas. Planning this huge party! (II)

Here it goes the next post about Isabella's birthday party. Yeah, im spending quite a long time with ideas and checking stuff on the internet. Cant miss any possible idea AT ALL, her bday has to be perfect! So that says me and my mother, who is sponsoring me with some of this crazy stuff :)
Now, we will talk a bit about the food decoration ideas and stuff that I really want to have it on her birthday. I know I wont be able to have everything I want. But at least its not wrong to dream about, neither we need to pay for it :p
Hello Kitty themed cupcakes! So yummy and fab! The 'top' seems a hard task to accomplish, but nothing is impossible for a crazy mother like me. :p The Hello Kitty figures are 'plastic' rings that you can buy for around 5$ a pack with 24. (I guess, cbf looking up right now :p).
Another example of a Hello Kitty themed cupcake. This one looks so cute <3
The non edible ring :)
Another idea: Hello Kitty cookie! Easy to make, and looks fabs as well! Form is sold on ebay for quite a cheap price too! :)
Another example of Hello Kitty cookie form. Liked the first one though :p
This is the form you can buy to make these stunning cookies and etc. You can also make bentos with it i guess O_O wow!
A Hello Kitty bento. WOW SO AMAZING! *-* wish I knew someone so creative and skilled that could creater one for me. Well, guess I have to skip this one, eh? :)
Next Post: Ideas about MAIN food to be served, the cake and more deco. :)

Isabella's 1st kallas. Planning this huge party! (I)

Nothing better than a blog to start planning my baby's 1st birthday party. Celebrating birthdays with alot of decoration is quite normal in Brazil, and I wont change my mind about that, even though I am in Sweden. I want Isabella's birthday to be as perfect as possible, so it will be full of decorations. In Brazil we looove birthday parties and we have some 'special' dates: 1 year (cute one), 15 years (something like Sweet 16 in US/UK), 18 (University) and after graduating. Brazilians DO love partying, but I am an exception. Used to love having parties until 14. After that, used to ask money instead, so I could go out with friends and eat pizza, dance, etc. :p good old times. <3
Well, I will be post my planning stuff here. The chosen theme is Hello Kitty, so I wont measure efforts to make it a real HK party, even tho its just for a baby. $$$$$$. :S
This is the picture of the Theme. Hello Kitty Hearts. You can see some heart-shaped stuff :)
This is a better preview of the theme stuff. Fabulous! But I wont buy everything off of it. Basically just the cup and the plate. Invitations will be sent by email or so, the cap is useless, napkin will be bought in Sweden and it will be a normal pink one (Hopefully I can find em) and same for the fork, hope I will find a pink one :)
This will be the surprise box I will be giving out to kids after the party. Kids, read children below 10 years old. Will be filled with godis and some other stuff I still didnt decide.
Napkin holder that comes with the package. It also includes a pack of stickers that you can be creative and do it on your own way. (:
2 normal sized pannels that will be decorating a wall. They have around 60cm each I guess.
The Candle. Candle is already here with me, my friend Samanta bought it and brought it straight from Brazil :)
Main panel that will be next to the main table and surrounded by the rainbow 3-color arc. :)
This is a decoration for maybe the main table or each table of the people invited. Dont know yet, have so many ideas/suggestions. But maybe it will be on the main table, together with the Hello Kitty plush bears :)
This is what I call 'rainbow arc balloon. In my case, it will be 3 colors, pink, baby pink and white. There are many videos on the internet explaining how to do it, but my friend Ivaniele knows how and offered me help :)
Next post: Ideas about food decor & much more.

Good day :)

Today was a really nice day. I really look forward for days like this. Especially because Isabella have alot of fun with the girls and so do I :) <3
I bought Camp Rock DVD for my sister in law as I know shes in love with that movie :P and also bought popsicles for all the girls and Van :p plus the chocolate muffins. Mums, what a good day today :) hope they will come back another day for another good day(: (but this time we need to play Ultrastar! :D)
Onsdag is the day to take down the xmas tree and all the stuff. Guess its holiday here in Sweden, eller?
My mother just sent me a package, re094603753br, have to keep that number in mind :D.
Well, gotta go check some stuff for Isabella's 1st kallas, which is like in 2 months! Herregud, tiden går så fort!

On the groove!

Today my sister in law, Sonja, Sofia and Fanny came here. We have decided to bake muffins, so I went to Hemköp with Sofia to buy eggs and forms :)
Chocolate Muffins became quite good actually ^^v so yeah, we didnt do much anyways today. Gotta cleanup alot later though rofl -.- xD and im so lazy today (more than ever :P).
Gotta add some more stuff on my list of food to learn :p
  1. Fried shrimps
  2. The 'fisk' soup thats often served during parties :p
Now we are watching The Simpsons and Isabella is having fun with Sofia. :) Van is idk where. lol. :x

Rice Noodles Soup II

Seriously! It takes quite a long time to cook and prepare everything. Its hard, yes, not something you can do every week. But the smell...  is... delicious... feels like eating all while Van sleeps :P
Took me quite a time to understand basically what my mother in law was saying because she speaks chinese and I dont understand at all u_u' but we communicate with random swedish words and hand movements so in the end it worked fine :D
Now im just waiting for Isabella's food to be ready so I can boil water, cook the nudlar and the... wait.. oh wonton :D *had to go to the kitchen to check the name* xD
Gotta create a list of stuff I want my mother in law to teach me. If only I could also get a live translator, would be even better :D
  1. Rice Nudlar Chicken Soup √
  2. Custom Porridge
  3. Rice Nudlar Meat Soup
  4. Rice Nudlar Seafood Soup
  5. Pasta Soup with morot and bacon
  6. osv :p

Rice Noodles Soup.

Isnt that hard as I thought it was to prepare.
I am quite excited with learning how to cook some asian food. My mother in law just dropped by to teach me the first lesson, rice noodles soup (chicken). Sounds sooo yummy! Cant wait for it to be ready :)
Soon i will be going out to buy the rest of the stuff needed for the noodles. It will be perfect <3
And i will post a pic of the bow if everything turns out fine :p<3 mums

2010! Tidal waves of change coming...

Hello, and welcome to the year 2010! Hope whoever reads this journal had a stunning new year. My N.Y was okay, not the way I planned though, but it was fine (: . Didnt have time to write about the after-xmas here also. So this post is gonna be quite long.
Xmas & After-xmas: We had a meal for 2 on a very simple table I prepared at the last hour. Van put a swedish xmas song, we sat Isabella next to us on the table, then we ate, laughed at Isabella doing her faces & trying to talk something... such a damn smart little 9 months girl! :) Our table was quite simple because I was also sick. And we are just 2, anyways. Well, Van said he loved spending xmas with us, his family. And that the food was damn good :p
New Year we planned to go to a friends house. Everything was settled up, but in the last hours we just went to his parents house. Food was good too, just people are too noisy.. hate that -.- left there with a godly migraine. We arrived home, fixed the TV connection, played some Ultrastar and waited until it was midnight, so Isabella watched the fireworks from the window. It was so so. Nothing that you can compare with the ones from Brazil :P <3
2010 will be different for us.  I myself will start learning to cook some chinese/vietnamese food and hopefully more other stuff might come up. Van will help me more at home (Hes actually helping, which is amazing). We are planning for 2010 to get a 3:a, so Isabella can have her own room. Will be the hardest, but nothing is impossible (:
Wishlist for 2010
  1. A 3:a apartment, here in Bergsjön or maybe somewhere else (EXCEPT Biskopsgården, fyfan. Angered MAYBE, still prefer Bergsjön.)
  2. Getting CSN since I will start SASG (Svenska som andraspråk grund).
  3. My PUT, that needs to come out this year!
  4. My mother here in Göteborg <3
  5. Isabella's 1st birthday party with Hello Kitty theme.
  6. Some new home stuff, like a DVD/CD-möbler and other stuff from IKEA.
  7. Isabella doing fine on DAGIS and learning swedish and portuguese there :D
  8. Peace. Love. Luck. Health.
With love and wishes of a great 2010! :)

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