Isabella's 1st kallas. Planning this huge party! (II)

Here it goes the next post about Isabella's birthday party. Yeah, im spending quite a long time with ideas and checking stuff on the internet. Cant miss any possible idea AT ALL, her bday has to be perfect! So that says me and my mother, who is sponsoring me with some of this crazy stuff :)
Now, we will talk a bit about the food decoration ideas and stuff that I really want to have it on her birthday. I know I wont be able to have everything I want. But at least its not wrong to dream about, neither we need to pay for it :p
Hello Kitty themed cupcakes! So yummy and fab! The 'top' seems a hard task to accomplish, but nothing is impossible for a crazy mother like me. :p The Hello Kitty figures are 'plastic' rings that you can buy for around 5$ a pack with 24. (I guess, cbf looking up right now :p).
Another example of a Hello Kitty themed cupcake. This one looks so cute <3
The non edible ring :)
Another idea: Hello Kitty cookie! Easy to make, and looks fabs as well! Form is sold on ebay for quite a cheap price too! :)
Another example of Hello Kitty cookie form. Liked the first one though :p
This is the form you can buy to make these stunning cookies and etc. You can also make bentos with it i guess O_O wow!
A Hello Kitty bento. WOW SO AMAZING! *-* wish I knew someone so creative and skilled that could creater one for me. Well, guess I have to skip this one, eh? :)
Next Post: Ideas about MAIN food to be served, the cake and more deco. :)

Postat av: Meeimei(My)

Cool, Jag kommer att gå upp i vikt efter den dagen xd haha.

SVAR: Yeah will ;P

2010-01-05 @ 12:24:43

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