Good day :)

Today was a really nice day. I really look forward for days like this. Especially because Isabella have alot of fun with the girls and so do I :) <3
I bought Camp Rock DVD for my sister in law as I know shes in love with that movie :P and also bought popsicles for all the girls and Van :p plus the chocolate muffins. Mums, what a good day today :) hope they will come back another day for another good day(: (but this time we need to play Ultrastar! :D)
Onsdag is the day to take down the xmas tree and all the stuff. Guess its holiday here in Sweden, eller?
My mother just sent me a package, re094603753br, have to keep that number in mind :D.
Well, gotta go check some stuff for Isabella's 1st kallas, which is like in 2 months! Herregud, tiden går så fort!

Postat av: Meeimei(My)

SVAR: haha yeah! Download all Taylor Swift ;P

2010-01-04 @ 21:35:44

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