Isabella's 1st kallas. Planning this huge party! (I)

Nothing better than a blog to start planning my baby's 1st birthday party. Celebrating birthdays with alot of decoration is quite normal in Brazil, and I wont change my mind about that, even though I am in Sweden. I want Isabella's birthday to be as perfect as possible, so it will be full of decorations. In Brazil we looove birthday parties and we have some 'special' dates: 1 year (cute one), 15 years (something like Sweet 16 in US/UK), 18 (University) and after graduating. Brazilians DO love partying, but I am an exception. Used to love having parties until 14. After that, used to ask money instead, so I could go out with friends and eat pizza, dance, etc. :p good old times. <3
Well, I will be post my planning stuff here. The chosen theme is Hello Kitty, so I wont measure efforts to make it a real HK party, even tho its just for a baby. $$$$$$. :S
This is the picture of the Theme. Hello Kitty Hearts. You can see some heart-shaped stuff :)
This is a better preview of the theme stuff. Fabulous! But I wont buy everything off of it. Basically just the cup and the plate. Invitations will be sent by email or so, the cap is useless, napkin will be bought in Sweden and it will be a normal pink one (Hopefully I can find em) and same for the fork, hope I will find a pink one :)
This will be the surprise box I will be giving out to kids after the party. Kids, read children below 10 years old. Will be filled with godis and some other stuff I still didnt decide.
Napkin holder that comes with the package. It also includes a pack of stickers that you can be creative and do it on your own way. (:
2 normal sized pannels that will be decorating a wall. They have around 60cm each I guess.
The Candle. Candle is already here with me, my friend Samanta bought it and brought it straight from Brazil :)
Main panel that will be next to the main table and surrounded by the rainbow 3-color arc. :)
This is a decoration for maybe the main table or each table of the people invited. Dont know yet, have so many ideas/suggestions. But maybe it will be on the main table, together with the Hello Kitty plush bears :)
This is what I call 'rainbow arc balloon. In my case, it will be 3 colors, pink, baby pink and white. There are many videos on the internet explaining how to do it, but my friend Ivaniele knows how and offered me help :)
Next post: Ideas about food decor & much more.

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2010-01-04 @ 23:37:20

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