Blog? LOL

CBF wriiting much these days. But now im back (i hope :O)
Yesterday was Alexanders birthday party in the same place Ill do Isabellas. It was amazing! Alot of friends there, we had alot of fun, danced old brazilian songs, my gosh, was trully awesome!
Isabella tried Feijoada and loved it. Ate alot :p and everyone was talking about how cute she is and blablabla. :p needless to say i was soo proud of my baby :) plus everyone saying she looks less chinese now, therefore, more like me :D kekekeke :DDDD of course her eyes are still chinese-alike and they will always be, but even my mother said Isabella is getting less oriental o_O and my mother was always saying how Isabella looked exactly a female version of Van.
Im so excited, counting the days for my mother and uncle to come! Hoping for January to pass by faster than ever :P and of course, for Isabellas 1st kalas :P
Heres teh picture they took from Bella yesterday after eating feijoada :D
My nordic half brazilian half chinese princess :p <3

Baka baka!

Theres alot of people here today... my house looks like a kindergarten! LOL My sister in law, Sonja, Sofia, Fanny, Kevin, Kenny and Henry. Plus Me, Van and Isabella. Fyfan haha. Well, we will bake kärleksmum today, I went out with Sofia, Kevin and Henry to buy stuff in Hemköp and Lidl. I will post the result as soon as its done plus a picture :D hehe.
Now I will go put some more clothes on Isabella as she woke up and is bored and want to go on the floor and play :p waiting for the girls to come back so we can start baking. :)

Good day :)

Today was a really nice day. I really look forward for days like this. Especially because Isabella have alot of fun with the girls and so do I :) <3
I bought Camp Rock DVD for my sister in law as I know shes in love with that movie :P and also bought popsicles for all the girls and Van :p plus the chocolate muffins. Mums, what a good day today :) hope they will come back another day for another good day(: (but this time we need to play Ultrastar! :D)
Onsdag is the day to take down the xmas tree and all the stuff. Guess its holiday here in Sweden, eller?
My mother just sent me a package, re094603753br, have to keep that number in mind :D.
Well, gotta go check some stuff for Isabella's 1st kallas, which is like in 2 months! Herregud, tiden går så fort!

On the groove!

Today my sister in law, Sonja, Sofia and Fanny came here. We have decided to bake muffins, so I went to Hemköp with Sofia to buy eggs and forms :)
Chocolate Muffins became quite good actually ^^v so yeah, we didnt do much anyways today. Gotta cleanup alot later though rofl -.- xD and im so lazy today (more than ever :P).
Gotta add some more stuff on my list of food to learn :p
  1. Fried shrimps
  2. The 'fisk' soup thats often served during parties :p
Now we are watching The Simpsons and Isabella is having fun with Sofia. :) Van is idk where. lol. :x

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