My second cooking lesson that my mother in law is giving me happened today. Today we cooked a vietnamese food called Pho. Its basically beef soup :) but its more than perfect! Tastes like heaven! Took quite long to do it, but the result is fabulous, is more than godly. :)
I took a picture, but since the camera battery is almost 0, I hope we still can see the result :D
Here comes recipe according to my mother in law:o
You need:
  1. 1kg cow bone
  2. Chinese beef balls
  3. Saigon cinnamon, star anise, black cardamom, roasted ginger (for seasoning)
  4. Bean Sprout (Van's aunt gave us 500g of it for free)
  5. 1-2kgs of cow meat file eller stek (mjuk if possible).
  6. Coriander, 4 big onions, 2 medium pieces of yellow sugar.
  7. Rice Noodles
I will be explaining the rest later. :p
Now Vans mother went back home and took Isabella with her. Thats good because I can rest some and finish fixing the house. If the girls come tomorrow (My sister in law, Sonja and Sofia) the house wont look like a crazy place :P


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