2010! Tidal waves of change coming...

Hello, and welcome to the year 2010! Hope whoever reads this journal had a stunning new year. My N.Y was okay, not the way I planned though, but it was fine (: . Didnt have time to write about the after-xmas here also. So this post is gonna be quite long.
Xmas & After-xmas: We had a meal for 2 on a very simple table I prepared at the last hour. Van put a swedish xmas song, we sat Isabella next to us on the table, then we ate, laughed at Isabella doing her faces & trying to talk something... such a damn smart little 9 months girl! :) Our table was quite simple because I was also sick. And we are just 2, anyways. Well, Van said he loved spending xmas with us, his family. And that the food was damn good :p
New Year we planned to go to a friends house. Everything was settled up, but in the last hours we just went to his parents house. Food was good too, just people are too noisy.. hate that -.- left there with a godly migraine. We arrived home, fixed the TV connection, played some Ultrastar and waited until it was midnight, so Isabella watched the fireworks from the window. It was so so. Nothing that you can compare with the ones from Brazil :P <3
2010 will be different for us.  I myself will start learning to cook some chinese/vietnamese food and hopefully more other stuff might come up. Van will help me more at home (Hes actually helping, which is amazing). We are planning for 2010 to get a 3:a, so Isabella can have her own room. Will be the hardest, but nothing is impossible (:
Wishlist for 2010
  1. A 3:a apartment, here in Bergsjön or maybe somewhere else (EXCEPT Biskopsgården, fyfan. Angered MAYBE, still prefer Bergsjön.)
  2. Getting CSN since I will start SASG (Svenska som andraspråk grund).
  3. My PUT, that needs to come out this year!
  4. My mother here in Göteborg <3
  5. Isabella's 1st birthday party with Hello Kitty theme.
  6. Some new home stuff, like a DVD/CD-möbler and other stuff from IKEA.
  7. Isabella doing fine on DAGIS and learning swedish and portuguese there :D
  8. Peace. Love. Luck. Health.
With love and wishes of a great 2010! :)


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