On the groove!

Today my sister in law, Sonja, Sofia and Fanny came here. We have decided to bake muffins, so I went to Hemköp with Sofia to buy eggs and forms :)
Chocolate Muffins became quite good actually ^^v so yeah, we didnt do much anyways today. Gotta cleanup alot later though rofl -.- xD and im so lazy today (more than ever :P).
Gotta add some more stuff on my list of food to learn :p
  1. Fried shrimps
  2. The 'fisk' soup thats often served during parties :p
Now we are watching The Simpsons and Isabella is having fun with Sofia. :) Van is idk where. lol. :x

Postat av: Meeimei(My)

SVAR: THANKS ;) haha. Will come xd

2010-01-04 @ 20:40:14
URL: http://meeimei.blogg.se/
Postat av: Meeimei(My)

du vet camp rock... det står "ENDAST FÖR UTHYRNING" längst upp...

2010-01-04 @ 23:09:48
URL: http://meeimei.blogg.se/

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