Isabella's 1st kallas. Planning this huge party! (III)

So, this is the next post. Lets talk some about food. I have been wondering here about what to serve in her birthday. Since her family is huge (The list goes far... will post it here later) we need to make ALOT of food. Was planning to ask my mother in law and my sister in law if they could help me baking/cooking some stuff.
Heres what I have been planning.
This is called Spring Rolls :) my mother in law can make really good ones.. gotta ask my sister in law if she can ask her to make some for me :p.
Sushi/Sashimi. I guess Van's aunt knows how to make it, but I believe Shyh or Shin can also make it. Anyhow, it would be for sure a great add to the party. It tastes damn good when its well done :)
Fried Shrimp... a passion ♥
Now, Brazilian party stuff.
Cheese balls! Yummy and fabs! My friend Suzana gave me the idea of adding Oregano to the cheese to taste even more better. She gave me the receipt, gotta test it tomorrow :)
Brazilian Chicken Drumsticks. With catupiry cheese inside too. Its like heaven *.*
These are rolled sausages. A good option since hot dogs are overrated :p Its the same thing but more luxurious and tasty. We roll the sausage on the bread dough. :d Then we put inside the oven to 'bake'. :3
Chicken mini pies. Can also be made of shrimp, dried and salted codfish, cow meat, etc. Quite common in parties in Brazil, but takes quite a long time and its a hard work for the dough :p maybe maybe...
Brigadeiro. <3 Needless to say how heavenly it tastes, eh?
Coconut Kiss. Old passion :)<3
More to come :p will afk a few minutes. Gotta clean the dishes :p

Postat av: Meeimei(My)

SVAR: kan inte ta hit >.> det är försent. We can maybe do it next time when we come? Men du måste fixa klart nästa gång xd annars blir det katastrof när vi gör haha.

2010-01-05 @ 21:43:37

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