Yay! I am so happy! Food is soon 100% done, xmas is knocking the door. Cant wait to sit and enjoy the meal with Van and my baby Isabella :)
Didnt also know I could do so much stuff even though I am sick :P
Received several calls from my friends. I love them! Also, we have received a visit from Shin, Shyh, Hawre and Quy and they brought 2 gifts to Isabella. The xmas tree is fuuuull of gifts *.* Sooo pretty!
We will take pictures soon (: And Isabella is already wearing her xmas outfit. Right now playing with her toys. And the house is finally fixed! Everything on its own place (:
I will go check my potatisgratäng and if its ready, we will go eat. >:)
Merry xmas once more! (:
PS: I miss my family in Brazil. Hope they are having a good time :) LOVE XOXO

24th of December

Okay, so I woke up early, and fixed the entire house. Yes! Now theres plenty of space for Isabella to crawl, run with her läragå and etc. (:
Decided to stay at home since I had feber last night, nose completely stuffy and sorethroat and then, cook our xmas food. Van wants to spend only with me and Isabella so it will be. Family, as he says :P
So, cooking Turkey, potatisgratäng, salad, possibly baking a pie or pudding, theres plenty of drinks here, might also cook rice & farofa (farofa is a brazilian dish). And I am still not done with wrapping the presents! Too many <.<'''
Hope xmas will be nice for everyone<3! I am a bit sick tho, but I wont stop doing stuff because of that. I really want Isabella to have her 1st xmas as wonderful as possible, with all the magic it can bring. (:
Gotta run and finish wrapping the presents, and finish Van's too. He will be surprised when he sees his present :P xD Hope he will also be delighted with the food and everything :)
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Dont forget the main reason for christmas isnt all about buying presents! (: Call that old friend you dont get in touch for a long time maybe? Call someone from your family that lives far? Xmas is also about renewing the vows :)

As I believe.

I wont be here tomorrow to blog about my oh so cool life.
God jul önskar vi er alla, god jul önskar vi er alla, god jul önskar vi er alla, och ett gott nytt år!


And so this is christmas...

And what have you done? Me, I just got one of the worst days of my life. Today the spårvagn line was f*kd up and I was freezing in Gamlestaden trying to get a buss to the center or back home. Spent 2h trying to come or go, ended up walking until SKF, waited for over 30 min more and then got a buss to Bellevue. Then, my feet was frozen. Great. Same for my hands, even with gloves. GODDAMN SNOW. -_-
Took a long time to get to the spårvagn, had to stop in Kortedala to buy Van's xmas gift, then got the 11 back home. As usual, old tram, had to BEG for someone to help me with the barnvagn. Then an old guy started to talk to me in swedish from Kortedala till Galileis Gata, I actually believe I did a good job, guess I can speak swedish when I am tired and near frozen.
Arrived home, did the laundry, cleaned the house, cooked sth for Van, now im packing the rest of the presents to put below the xmas tree. Later i will be taking pictures of Isabella with her Santa outfit. (:
Tomorrow we might go have lunch at Aretha's house for xmas, and then go to Vans mother at night to celebrate too. And I need to wake up early to prepare the potatisgratäng to take to Aretha.
I guess I have feber. Jävla bög i must say. ):

Brrr... too cold.

So, I was wondering why did I end up in Sweden, North Europe, where the temperature during winter invites you to stay at home drinking hot cocoa, watching tv/using the internet and full of clothes until its over.
Definitely it wasnt for the weather, much less for the food. How awkward are the things we do for love, eh? Almost 2 years ago I was sitting at this time on a restaurant chair, eating barbecue and brazilian food <3 and talking nonsense, laughing with the family. Id be going every saturday out, to eat pizza with friends. Yes, I miss it quite much. Freedom, freedom, freedom, no responsabilities, being mama's little baby, sleeping late and waking up late, my own money through my job (which actually I dont miss that much, pga my accident :s).
Time passes by really fast. Indeed, I am 25 years old. 1/4 of 100 years. Wrinkles and stuff are already preparing to come. Alot of responsabilities now that I have a 9 months baby girl that has decided to climb every single thing all the time, walking into the next step of evolution, stay still.


I have decided to blog again, after a long hiatus. My sister-in-law has introduced me to blogg.se and has just started blogging too, so why not follow the 'trend' and join the youngies? (:
Wanted to post just in swedish, but being the lazy person I am, I will basically post in english most of the time AND swedish when I feel like. Jokes apart, I am a busy mother and as Isabella takes almost my whole time, I gotta make things easier for me d:
Gonna give a shot about layouts and etc to my sister-in-laws friend, she seems to have quite the skill for it (: but that will come in some days maybe, gotta think and write down what exactly I want and how.
Now I will dig some and learn some stuff. cya (;

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