Yay! I am so happy! Food is soon 100% done, xmas is knocking the door. Cant wait to sit and enjoy the meal with Van and my baby Isabella :)
Didnt also know I could do so much stuff even though I am sick :P
Received several calls from my friends. I love them! Also, we have received a visit from Shin, Shyh, Hawre and Quy and they brought 2 gifts to Isabella. The xmas tree is fuuuull of gifts *.* Sooo pretty!
We will take pictures soon (: And Isabella is already wearing her xmas outfit. Right now playing with her toys. And the house is finally fixed! Everything on its own place (:
I will go check my potatisgratäng and if its ready, we will go eat. >:)
Merry xmas once more! (:
PS: I miss my family in Brazil. Hope they are having a good time :) LOVE XOXO


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