And so this is christmas...

And what have you done? Me, I just got one of the worst days of my life. Today the spårvagn line was f*kd up and I was freezing in Gamlestaden trying to get a buss to the center or back home. Spent 2h trying to come or go, ended up walking until SKF, waited for over 30 min more and then got a buss to Bellevue. Then, my feet was frozen. Great. Same for my hands, even with gloves. GODDAMN SNOW. -_-
Took a long time to get to the spårvagn, had to stop in Kortedala to buy Van's xmas gift, then got the 11 back home. As usual, old tram, had to BEG for someone to help me with the barnvagn. Then an old guy started to talk to me in swedish from Kortedala till Galileis Gata, I actually believe I did a good job, guess I can speak swedish when I am tired and near frozen.
Arrived home, did the laundry, cleaned the house, cooked sth for Van, now im packing the rest of the presents to put below the xmas tree. Later i will be taking pictures of Isabella with her Santa outfit. (:
Tomorrow we might go have lunch at Aretha's house for xmas, and then go to Vans mother at night to celebrate too. And I need to wake up early to prepare the potatisgratäng to take to Aretha.
I guess I have feber. Jävla bög i must say. ):

Postat av: Donkey

Hahaha, poor you :)

2009-12-23 @ 22:49:42

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