24th of December

Okay, so I woke up early, and fixed the entire house. Yes! Now theres plenty of space for Isabella to crawl, run with her läragå and etc. (:
Decided to stay at home since I had feber last night, nose completely stuffy and sorethroat and then, cook our xmas food. Van wants to spend only with me and Isabella so it will be. Family, as he says :P
So, cooking Turkey, potatisgratäng, salad, possibly baking a pie or pudding, theres plenty of drinks here, might also cook rice & farofa (farofa is a brazilian dish). And I am still not done with wrapping the presents! Too many <.<'''
Hope xmas will be nice for everyone<3! I am a bit sick tho, but I wont stop doing stuff because of that. I really want Isabella to have her 1st xmas as wonderful as possible, with all the magic it can bring. (:
Gotta run and finish wrapping the presents, and finish Van's too. He will be surprised when he sees his present :P xD Hope he will also be delighted with the food and everything :)
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Dont forget the main reason for christmas isnt all about buying presents! (: Call that old friend you dont get in touch for a long time maybe? Call someone from your family that lives far? Xmas is also about renewing the vows :)


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