Brrr... too cold.

So, I was wondering why did I end up in Sweden, North Europe, where the temperature during winter invites you to stay at home drinking hot cocoa, watching tv/using the internet and full of clothes until its over.
Definitely it wasnt for the weather, much less for the food. How awkward are the things we do for love, eh? Almost 2 years ago I was sitting at this time on a restaurant chair, eating barbecue and brazilian food <3 and talking nonsense, laughing with the family. Id be going every saturday out, to eat pizza with friends. Yes, I miss it quite much. Freedom, freedom, freedom, no responsabilities, being mama's little baby, sleeping late and waking up late, my own money through my job (which actually I dont miss that much, pga my accident :s).
Time passes by really fast. Indeed, I am 25 years old. 1/4 of 100 years. Wrinkles and stuff are already preparing to come. Alot of responsabilities now that I have a 9 months baby girl that has decided to climb every single thing all the time, walking into the next step of evolution, stay still.

Postat av: Meeimei(My)

SVAR: I don't want to be like AILINH

2009-12-23 @ 21:56:58
Postat av: Meeimei(My)

SVAR: don't know if they will. Fixa= nästan som do och klar vet du?

2010-01-05 @ 22:28:08

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